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We create virtual reality simulations of real world procedures to help you create a more productive work environment through improved learning, safety, all while reducing costs.

Increase Learning Retention

Reduce Training Costs

Increase Customer Engagement

Have you examined how well your staff have adopted your Standard Operation Procedures?

When staff are not properly trained on safety procedures, it lead to injuries in the workplace

Sometimes there is no time to train your employees. An untrained employee leads to poor customer satisfaction.

Staff need lots of practice to get properly trained in a company procedure. That can tax a company's time and resources to successfully do this on a regular basis.

It's hard to screen applicants on their ability to follow proper procedures before hiring them.

You made a system and your staff are not properly trained to implement it. This leads to lower productivity from your staff.

It is one thing for one person to be trained well, but it's another thing for everyone to be trained equally well. This requires a standardized approach that eliminates variations.

We believe you deserve a more robust
approach to training your staff

Why Should You Work With Us?

We love what we do and we want to help you get ahead of your industry! We want to you to “run your business to win” instead of “running your business not to lose”.

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VR Simulation training is a powerful tool for increasing employee motivation and engagement.

At Anastasia, we take your existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and turn them into a virtual reality simulation that mimics what happens on the job.

This leads to faster learning, without the need for the training to be done under supervision. Staff simply put on an Oculus 2 VR headset, complete their training in VR in an immersive hands on simulation of the real world scenario.

When staff enter the work environment, they are equipped with hands on experience and therefore more familiar with the task at hand. This improved learning experience increases retention of the training, reduces their need for supervision, reduces costly mistakes for your company.

Training data is recorded on a database for management to be on top of who’s trained and who is not. The training is interactive with sounds, hepatics, and quizzes which are all part of the virtual reality experience.

Improve Training

In just 3 simple steps…

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Schedule a free discovery call

Your time is valuable. We spend this time learning about your procedures and offering our expert solutions. Try other VR training simulations that we've created so you can try for yourself before purchasing.

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Receive a custom VR simulation of your Procedures

It starts with a demo, where you get to experience and test run. We make sure that it follows your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This demo serves as a baseline which we'll then build on.

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Improving employee learning, retention, while reducing costs.

With just an Oculus 2 headset, you can have your staff train on your procedures until they get it right. Evaluating their completion time, and have them take quizzes in VR, can be some of the ways to keep track of their training.

Our Guarantee To You

An Unparralled Customer Service Experience

Complete On Time

By following an "Agile" methodology, we make sure that we deliver on time.

Professional Expertise

A hallmark of a great VR experience is how it "feels". We make sure we deliver on smooth play, graphics, without the bugs!

Seamless Implementation

We have a well organized system to seamlessly integrate the virtual reality learning experience in your company.

Continued Tech Support

With lifetime tech support, you never have to feel like you are on your own.

How Will Your Company's Productivity Change?

BEFORE VR TRAINING: Some staff are trained well, other are not trained well.

AFTER VR TRAINING: Staff are trained equally well under the same set of procedures. Everyone is one the same page.

What Others Are Saying...

Virtual training mock-ups and props are easier to create, modify and distribute than physical equipment. Therefore, companies benefit by leveraging VR without a sacrifice to the trainee’s speed, accuracy, or understanding.
(J. W. Smith & Salmon, 2017)

What You Get

– A custom virtual reality scene that mimics the environment the procedure is performed in real life

– An interactive virtual reality simulation of your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

– VR’s include sounds, hepatics, voice overs, to make learning fun and engaging.

– Ability to test understanding with quizzes, time to completion, scoreboard, all inside the virtual reality experience.

– Lifetime tech support on site or over the phone!

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Our Other Enterprise Virtual Reality Solutions

Immersive Education

  • To Improve Retention
  • Turn anything you want to teach into an immersive life like learning experience with the help of virtual reality tools. Train customers about your products, teach soft skills to staff, or help others see a perspective.

Custom Metaverse Integration

  • To increase brand engagement
  • Creat a metaverse for your company to engage with customers. Increase brand engagement. Hold virtual meetings that is far more effective than traditional video calls. Train staff vistually in a simulation of the real life scenario. Showcase products in the metaverse.

Blueprint To VR

  • Win construction Projects
  • We convert your construction drawings into a virtual reality immersive experience for customers. Have your customer experience the space in VR rather than just looking at pictures.
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