3D Scanning And Modeling

Virtual 3D clones of actual products to use in your enterprise metaverse

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Complete On Time

By following an "Agile" methodology, we make sure that we deliver on time.

Professional Expertise

A hallmark of a great VR experience is how it "feels". We make sure we deliver on smooth play, graphics, without the bugs!

Seamless Implementation

We have a well organized system to seamlessly integrate the virtual reality learning experience in your company.

Continued Tech Support

With lifetime tech support, you never have to feel like you are on your own.

3D design renders often try to depict a representation but they are not often effective.

The challenge in showing your products on the internet is that your audience cannot interact with your products in 2D.

Are you:

  • Looking for a more competitive way to present your products to potential customers and take market share?
  • Finding it hard to capture customers that can’t physically enter your physical showroom due to geographical location?
  • Looking for ways to compete against your industry competitors in a way different way?
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Imagine being able to showase your products in virtual reality to your customers. Your customers can pick up your products, interact with it, and make a purchase without having to physically enter your showroom.

They can view your products, watch videos, and even meet you with your team in virtual reality. You can host virtual seminars similar to a trade show.

At Anastasia VR, we take your products, and create 3D representations of them in virtual reality. We place those 3D models as part of your enterprise metaverse. Use these models to help your customers visuals your products in a way that is not possible with text, photos, or videos. This is very similar to what you would expect in a trade show, without the hassle of setting up and packing up.


  • Display a very close representations of the actual product as a 3D model
  • Feels like you have a trade show booth but way bigger and more interactive. And you are not renting the space, it’s yours.
  • Imbed the models in your branded enterprise metaverse and host educational seminars about your products in virtual reality. 
  • Tell stories about what your brand is about through an immersive way.
  • Do staff meetings with your 3D models to discuss ideas or simply meet with investors in virtual reality
  • Meet with investors from around the world in a custom branded enterprise metaverse. Have them visualize your ideas as they pick up these 3D models with their hands in virtual reality.

Frequently asked questions

It is the process of taking a real world object and turn it into a virtual 3D representation of that object. We do that by use of powerful 3D laser scanners and modeling software.

The best headset on the market is the Oculus 2 and it’s the one that we recommend because it will work seamlessly with our apps.

Your audience can access your virtual reality spaces through PC, Laptop, or a VR headset. But keep in mind that they don’t have to have VR headset to access your virtual reality spaces, although it would be ideal if they did. Like the mobile phone, eventually everyone will have on in their home. 

It’s good for business because it will increase sales. Consumers are buying most of their goods online these days. Being able to have a better representation of the actual product is going to be much more effective in 3D rather than a 2D image. 

There are many types of metrics that we can use to measure effectiveness. It all comes down to engagement and we need to track that. One of the way is to implement coupon codes or sign up forms for users to interact with. But it really depends on your particular situation and we help with that.