About us

With the help of virtual reality techology and the metaverse, we help our clients improve their businsess through staff productivity, maximized brand engagement, and increased sales.

anastasia vr

About Us

Anastasia VR is a boutique virtual reality company in Canada with an office located in the city of Oakville Ontario. We are a small passionate team consisting of 2 VR developers, a graphic designer, and a 3D modeling expert. We take pride in our work and want to help our clients achieve success.

Our expertise is in using various tools in the area of VR development to create solutions for our clients. We believe that our solutions tackle some of the most complicated challenges facing business today. We believe that our clients are more competitive in their industry after integrating virtual reality and the metaverse into their business.

Our Goals

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Our Mission

To use virtual reality to help our clients become more competitive in their industry through increased productivity, brand engagement, and sales, while at the same time reducing operational costs.

Our Vision

To create great virtual reality experiences that advance human potential

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VR Simulated Procedural Training

Turn your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) into a virtual reality experience

Immersive Educational Experiences

Create fund and engaging learning experiences

Branded Metaverse Showrooms

Stunning Metaverse Showrooms to help create brand engagement

Architectural Drawings To VR

Visualizing architecture through virtual reality

3D Scanning And Modeling

Virtual 3D clones of real products

Enterprise Metaverse Integration

Own a piece of the metaverse

We believe you deserve a more robust
approach to training your staff

Increase Learning Retention

Reduce Training Costs

Increase Customer Engagement