Architectural Drawings To VR

Visualizing architecture through virtual reality

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Complete On Time

By following an "Agile" methodology, we make sure that we deliver on time.

Professional Expertise

A hallmark of a great VR experience is how it "feels". We make sure we deliver on smooth play, graphics, without the bugs!

Seamless Implementation

We have a well organized system to seamlessly integrate the virtual reality learning experience in your company.

Continued Tech Support

With lifetime tech support, you never have to feel like you are on your own.

2D design renders often try to depict a representation but they are not often effective sales tools.

The challenge in presenting construction project is showing clients what you are going to make for them so to win their trust.

Are you:

  • Looking for a way to outcompete your comptetitors by presenting your ideas better than them?
  • Finding it hard to capture a graphical representation of your architectural designs with traditional 2D design renders?
  • Concerned that your construction team is not going to fully capture what you are trying to build?

Imagine inviting your client to step into their future home by inviting them into a virtual reality version of it. Your client can walk around their space, turn on the tv, open a cabinet drawer and much more.

Stand out from the crowd by giving a your clients an emmersive representation of their future home. Avoid time consuming last minute changes to your construction project by allowing your clients to experience the finished product in virtual reality.

At Anastasia VR, we take your drawings and turn them into interactive virtual reality spaces. By connecting into the metaverse, you and your clients, can be immersed in your drawings and see your ideas in virtual reality. The use cases for this is limitless.


  • Have construction meetings with your staff in the virtual reality version of the project and communicate your vision
  • Have design meetings with your clients in virtual reality and exchange ideas
  • Have other clients enter the spaces that you’ve built in the past
  • Get more accurate estimates from subcontractors and communicate what you want done
  • Invite potential buyers from other parts of the world to see your real estate space

Frequently asked questions

Converting architectural drawings to VR is the process of taking blue prints and turning them into 3D immersive experiences where a user can enter through a VR headset. The user can walk around, interact with things, and get a feel for the space as if they are standing in it. This is extremely useful because a contractor can enter and provide quote on cabinets, a designer can enter and make design recommendations, and a client can enter and request a change much in advance. 

The best headset on the market is the Oculus 2 and it’s the one that we recommend because it will work seamlessly with our apps. It’s also a stand alone headset which means that you don’t need to be hooked up to a computer to use it. 

You invite your client, team member, or investor into your office, offer them to put on the headset. Then you screencast the headset on a monitor or on a mobile device so that you can see what they are seeing. Then you discuss various aspect of the architecture with them. 

If you are a builder, it’s vital for you to provide your clients the best means necessary to visualize what they are going to get. It will not only help you better compete against other competitors for projects, but also helps you describe your ideas more clearly to others in virtual reality.