Branded Metaverse Showrooms

Stunning metaverse showrooms to help create brand engagement and tell stories

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Complete On Time

By following an "Agile" methodology, we make sure that we deliver on time.

Professional Expertise

A hallmark of a great VR experience is how it "feels". We make sure we deliver on smooth play, graphics, without the bugs!

Seamless Implementation

We have a well organized system to seamlessly integrate the virtual reality learning experience in your company.

Continued Tech Support

With lifetime tech support, you never have to feel like you are on your own.

The next evolution of the internet for businesses is called the Enterprise Metaverse.

It’s the future of how we’ll communicate, collaborate, and connect with our audience. But what problems does it solve?

Are you:

  • Seeing a challenge to attain customers from other parts of the world because they can’t physically see your products in your showroom?
  • Finding it hard to connect with your online audience and communicate your ideas with traditional online conferencing tools like zoom?
  • Concerned that your audience is not going to fully capture the story that you want to tell with your brand?

The solution is a tool called the Enterprise Metaverse which will help you connect with your audience by creating digital environments that help express your ideas, brand, and stories.

The Enterprise Metaverse is fully interactive, can be a social setting, and have many use cases.

The Enterprise Metaverse is what internet did to how we conduct business 2 decades ago, but in a much more powerful way! It represents how we do business in virtual reality.

At Anastasia VR, we build custom branded metaverse spaces which can be a digital representation of your brand. Such metaverses can serve multiple purposes such as showcasing your products or service to an audience in virtual reality, holding staff meetings, and creating brand engagement in an interactive environment. The types of applications when it comes to metaverse is endless and this is where creativity really comes into play.


  • Connect with your audience in virtual reality and tell your story. Show them your products in a way that they can pick it up and interact with it without having to be physically present in your brick and mortar showroom.
  • Train staff, onboard new staff remotely in virtual reality. Create a virtual representation of your facility to facilitate onboarding sessions with people from all over the world. Show videos, write on a white board, walk around and show 3D models of your products, and display pictures.
  • Create brand engagement in virtual reality with interactive experiences. Create a game like experience where if certain amounts of points are collected, your customer gets 10% discount coupon. Post videos that your customers can watch. Put posters on the walls. Have sign up forms to collect email addresses. Put 3D model representations of your products and have your customers pick it up and look at it in virtual reality.

Frequently asked questions

The Enterprise Metaverse is a custom designed and branded virtual reality environment that can be used by brands to connect with their audience in virtual reality. In the metaverse, you can showcase your products or services, hold virtual seminars, have team building sessions, and much more! Just like how having a website became mandatory to conduct business, the metaverse will become that way too. 

The best headset on the market is the Oculus 2 and it’s the one that we recommend because it will work seamlessly with our apps.

Your audience can enter the metaverse through their VR headset. If they don’t have a headset, they can still access through their PC, laptop, or mobile device. The sales of virtual headset is going up every year so you can expect that eventually everyone will have one, especially the younger generation.

No it’s not because it’s a very straight forward process to make you one. If you are brand, you will gain so much more return in capital than what it would cost you to own a piece of the metaverse. The cost of your branded metaverse will really depend on how complex it is and how long it takes us to complete it. 

There are many types of metrics that we can use to measure effectiveness. It all comes down to engagement and we need to track that. One of the way is to implement coupon codes or sign up forms for users to interact with. But it really depends on your particular situation and we help with that.