What we do

We create VR simulations of real world procedures to help you create a more productive work enviornment though improved learning, safety, all while reducing costs.

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What we do

We integrate companies of all sizes with the metaverse in order to solve some of the most complex business problem related to productivity, brand engagement, and sales. We do that by building custom virtual reality tools such as:

  • Virtual Reality Procedural Training to help train staff more effectively
  • Custom Branded Metaverse Envrionments to showcase products and hold sales meetings with potential clients
  • Immersive Education in VR to create educate customers and create brand engagement
  • Convert architectural drawings into Virtual Reality experiences to win jobs
  • 3D model creation to create a true representation of your products so that customers can learn about it through their interaction in virtual reality.
VR Simulated procedural Training

Turn your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) into a virtual reality experience

Imagine being able to train staff on your operational procedures by having them actually peform it without the need to slow down business procedures. This kind of learning is not only more effective, it also allows you to create a standardized training program so that everyone is learning the same way. Now that’s how we maximize productivity!

Immersive Education

Create fund and engaging learning experiences

Imagine being able to teach cell biology or physics in a way that engages the learner to retain the information without being forced to do so. Instead, they learn in a fun and interactive way and motivate others to do the same. We can use virtual reality to help teach academia, soft skills, or social persepectives, to create a learning experience not possible with books, pictures, or videos.

Enterprise Metaverse Integration

Stunning Metaverse Showrooms

Imagine being able to meet with clients from anywhere in the world in a custom branded virtual showroom where you can showcase 3D models of your products, talk about it, and get sales. This showroom can also be used to onboard team members virtually without the need for them to be physically present on your site. You can host virtual seminars and invite others to join in while you talk about your product or services in a fun and engaging way. The posibilities are endless.

Architectural Drawings To VR

Visualizing architecture through virtual reality

Imagine inviting your client to step into their future home by inviting them into a virtual reality version of it. Your client can walk around their space, turn on the tv, open a cabinet drawer and much more. Stand out from the crowd by giving a your clients an emmersive representation of their future home.

3D model scanning

Virtual 3D clones of real products

Using state of the art laser scanning to scan models and create a digital 3D clones of your products. Use these models to present you idea to other in your personal metaverse environments. 

Our Guarantee To You

An Unparralled Customer Service Experience

Complete On Time

By following an "Agile" methodology, we make sure that we deliver on time.

Professional Expertise

A hallmark of a great VR experience is how it "feels". We make sure we deliver on smooth play, graphics, without the bugs!

Seamless Implementation

We have a well organized system to seamlessly integrate the Vr learning experience in your company.

Continued Tech Support

With lifetime tech support, you never have to feel like you are on your own.

What You Get

– A custom virtual reality scene that mimics the enironment the procedure is performed in real life

– An interactive virtual reality simulation of your Standard Operating Proceedure (SOP).

– VR’s includes sounds, hepatics, voice overs, to make learning fun and engaging.

– Ability to test understanding with quizes, collect points, scoreboard, all inside the virtual reality experience.

– Lifetime tech support on site or over the phone!

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